Welcome to Geevor’s blog!

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This is Geevor Tin Mine Museum’s blog.  The blog provides a way for us (Geevor’s staff) to let you know what’s going on at Geevor. Including current and upcoming events, our collections and even just for you to see what we do on a daily basis to make sure you have a enjoyable visit to Geevor.

why a blog?

At Geevor we believe in community and in the importance of the visitor experience.  The local community plays a unique part in the development of the Geevor’s museum.   Since 2001, Geevor Tin Mine has been managed by Pendeen Community Heritage, a village based registered charity. Blogging is a new way for us to interact.  Here anyone and everyone can interact and find out more about us at Geevor.

Science Busking Collective Street Performance

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Science busking is a type of interactive street performance where science is used to amaze and entertain. On Friday 4th July, The Science Busking Collective will be performing science to and with the public at Penzance Farmers Market.


The project was put together by Jo Buckingham, learning development officer at Geevor Tin Mine. Students from Cape Cornwall School make up The Collective.

The students first came to Geevor to receive training in Science busking techniques and learn the tricks and performances.  As the student’s discovered, the science involved does not just fascinate an audience, but was also vital to the tin mining industry.


If you would like to come and have some fun interacting with science and meet and watch The Collective why not come down to the market on Friday.



Scrapheap challenge week at Geevor- part of NSEW

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Every year millions of people take part in National Science & Engineering Week  events around the UK.  This year, if you want to take part in one of the best events happening, you don’t need to go to London or Bristol, just pop down to Geevor Tin Mine.

Clint Hosking, learning manager at Geevor Tin mine was delighted to find that Geevor’s Scrapheap Challenge event has been placed in a short list of 3 to win the best engineering event award this year.

On Friday 21st of March, Hannah Stretton, of The Science Association will be visiting Geevor to observe some of the 200 students from 8 local secondary schools who are taking part in the event. During the event, the students build a waterwheel from scrap and test it for its pulling power

“It’s fantastic to have an opportunity to show The Science Association that passion for Science and Engineering is very much alive down here. Although we have lost the tin mining industry, our science and engineering past is continuing to inspire young people into careers in the industry” said Jo Buckingham, organiser of the event.

Scrapheap challenge is open to the public during Geevor’s family fun science day on Sunday the 23rd March from 10 to 2pm.

Winners at the Cornwall Tourism Awards 2013/2014

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We are celebrating today! We have won the coveted Winner of Winners trophy at the Cornwall Tourism Awards. We have been singled out due to our  ‘evocative and interactive Cornish mining exhibitions and tours, and applauded for value for money’.

We also won Gold in the Art, Museums and Maritime category and Silver in the Historic and Heritage Properties and Country Houses category.

Science busking through Cornish Industry

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P1040530P1040537P1040539From the 8th to the 12th July, students from Humphry Davy School were getting their hands mucky with science on an activity filled project co-ordinated by Geevor Tin Mine.

The students went on discovery expedition around Geevor and Levant Tin Mines, Porthcurno Telegraph Museum and deep into the fishing industry in Newlyn, using fun and active science to explore industry and technology.

Their week included training on how to perform science to the public (science busking). At each location they encountered a range of hands on science that they learnt to master and perform themselves.

By Friday they were ready to put on their own science busking performance at Penzance famer’s market on Friday 12th July. Their performances were so well recieved that Brenda Lemon, who runs the market, would like them to come back and perform every week throughout the summer.

For more information about the project contact:

Jo Buckingham

Learning Development Officer

Tel: 01736 788662 Email: jo.buckingham@geevor.com

Scrapheap challenge brilliant feedback

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Last Week I went into GEMS Bolitho School – the winners of the Scrapheap challenge school competition, to award them their certificates and prizes. I thought that all the students and public that took part in National Science and Engineering week this year were fantastic and I was very pleased to receive lots of feedback that let me know that the feeling was mutual. Thanks to all who took the time to give us your feedback. It was really appreciated and will help us make the event ever better next year.

Here is a little taster of what they had to say about Geevor’s scrapheap challenge.

Jim Brown – Teacher GEMS Bolitho
A thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience for all including the teachers. Thanks.

Nikki Brown – Teacher Humphry Davy School
What a wonderful day out. We all loved it. Staff and Pupils. Really friendly and well organised staff. Thank you so much.

Jowan- Student Humphry Davy school
This trip was awesome. I really enjoyed making and using the waterwheel for the scrapheap challenge. I also liked exploring all the amazing tunnels

Student- Gems Bolitho
Tense, exiting and fascinating.

Student- Hayle Academy
The best thing was using the different materials to make the water wheel.

John and family – Public scrapheap challenge participants
5 out of 5. Enjoyable, intriguing, inspiring and surprising

Thanks again all

Jo Buckingham

Scrapheap challenge online waterwheel challenge 2013

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Make a water wheel powered optical illusion as part of Geevor’s National Science and Engineering Week celebrations and win yourself free family entry to Geevor for a year or a Geevor goody bag (your choice). Follow the instructions below to make your wheel, take a photo of yourselves with your wheel and email it to jo.buckingham@geevor.com or tweet us @geevormuseum using hashtag #scrapheapchallenge. Our favourite photo will win. Photos will be put up on our social media sites.


You will need:

Scrap (plastic containers and tetra pack are good), scissors, strong tape, wooden barbecue skewers. Younger children will need adults to help

with scissors, making holes and tape.

1. Wheel1.scrap for wheel

To make the wheel for your water wheel you need a circular piece of scrap (a lid, cheese triangle box or the bottom cut of a bottle all work well).

2. Paddles

Your wheel needs paddles for the water to hit. The simplest way of making them is to cut out notches into the edge of your wheel. If you are using the bottom of a bottle, you may find that it has nobbly bits on, if so these will be your paddles. If you are using the lid of a cardboard cheese box you can made diagonal cuts and they fold them back to make the paddles.


3. Stand

To make your stand you need something tall.  A bottle or juice tetra pack works well and can be filled with water later to make it extra stable.

You need to make 2 holes in your stand frount and back at the same hight. You can make this by pushing the scewer in or using scissors. Be careful! The holes need to we widened to fit the scewer so it can turn easily.


4. Axel

A barbeque skewer needs to cut about 4cm longer that the width of the stand so that it will go through both the holes with a bit extra on each side.

5. Attach wheel to axel


Try to find the middle of the wheel. Push or a cut a hole for the axel to go through the wheel and secure it front and back with tape and put it through the stand. It should turn smoothly.

6. Make and attach spinner.


Print out the spinner pattern on to card. I found this one and others  at http://www.jclahr.com/science/illusions/spin/handout/index.html   WARNING! Be aware that moving  optical illusions of this kind have been known to cause epileptic fits in those people susceptible to photo epileptic seizures.

A diameter of about 10cm is good. Or you could try to draw something similar.

Cut it out. I made mine stronger by putting a bit more card on the back and then I attached it to the other end of the axel using tape. It can be a bit fiddly. Try spinning the wheel, it should turn smoothly and evenly. If it does not check that the holes for the axel are big enough and that the wheel and spinner are attch to the axel at their middle.

Now you have your finished water wheel.


7. How to make it work

Place on a draining surface that can get wet. A draining board, sink or outside are best. If your stand can be filled with water to make it more stable do it now or hold it steady.

Fill up a container with water, poor the water on to the paddles of your water wheel. Stare at the centre of the optical illusion spinner. It should look quite strange. If you look away it will appear as though things are still moving. Try looking at a flower. WARNING- if you look for a long time, it can make you feel a bit dizzy.



Try out different designs using different scrap.  Try using your wheel to power other things.


9. Tell us about it

Email a photo of your wheel or wheels and tell us about building it (to  jo.buckingham@geevor.com). Or tweet to @geevormuseum. I will be putting photos up in our blog and facebook and our favourite will win a Geevor goody bag or free family entry to Geevor for a year (your choice).

Scrapheap challenge online science event 2013

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claire rOnline event

If you are too far away to get to Geevor, you can still join in.

From the 11th of March we will launch our online waterwheel challenge.

Our Facebook page and blog will show simple instructions on how to make your own water wheel using just a plastic bottle, barbeque spears, string and sticky tape. It will show how to use the wheel to power your own spinner optical illusion or cage (mining lift).

Email a picture of your finished wheel (jo.buckingham@geevor.com) and we will put them up and choose a winner who will receive free family entry to Geevor.