International Conference comes to Geevor!

The International Mining History Congress Conference is coming to Cornwall 12 – 15 June 2009

Organised by
Department of History, University of Exeter and Geevor Tine Mine Museum,
and supported by the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site

The Penventon Park Hotel, Redruth, Cornwall, UK

The Eighth International Mining History Congress will be held in Redruth, at the centre of the once large and highly influential copper and tin mining industry of Cornwall and west Devon. From here labour and mining expertise was exported to the world, and much of the surviving landscape has recently been accorded UNESCO World Heritage status.

This Congress follows on previous meetings, the first of which was held in Australia in 1985, then Germany in 1989, the United States in 1994, Mexico in 1998, Greece in 2000, Japan in 2003, and India in 2007.

The meeting will start with a plenary session on the evening of Friday, 12th June, and will conclude at lunchtime on Monday, 15th June, with continuous paper sessions on Saturday and Sunday, 13th and 14th June. The conference includes a trip to Geevor, where you can have a tour of the underground workings and a behind the scenes tour of the technical innovations taking place at Geevor in the past.

A pre-sessional event will include field trips to mining and related sites across Cornwall and West Devon and arrangements will be made to conduct delegates to another conference, organised by the British National Association Of Mining History Organisations in Matlock, Derbyshire the following weekend, 19th to 21st June.

Want to know more??

visit the International Mining History Congress pages

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