A Geevor First!

 On Wed 5th Nov, St just Primary School’s year 6 was the first school group to pilot specialised maths activities at Geevor Tin Mine and Heritage Centre to celebrate this week’s Maths Week.

The afternoon included using Geevor’s amazing archive. The students looked at wage books and miner’s expense books dating back to 1888, and had to get their heads around pounds, shilling and pence. They also successfully completed a maths trail around the mill, new museum and surface buildings and talked face to face to a real miner.

The day was organised by the St Just School’s Andy Bowman, with Jo Buckingham facilitating on the Geevor side, with help from archive and learning departments at Geevor. Jo Buckingham said “The day was such a success. We hope that this is the start of many more maths events at Geevor.  We will definitely be planning something special to involve more schools next year in a much bigger maths week event. “

If any schools are interested in this or want to find out about other learning activities at Geevor, please contact Geevor on 01735 788662 or email jo.buckingham@geevor.com.dsc03857

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