Geevor rings with the sound of Christmas Spirit!


The tin floor of Geevor Mine rang with the sounds of true Christmas spirit when the children of Pendeen Primary School used it as a stage for their carol service and nativity.

Staff, parents and siblings packed into the old processing mill, which was lit only by candles and fairy lights. They were treated to a traditional concert telling the Christmas story with carols and readings.

Amongst the performers were angels, wise men, shepherds and a donkey, they even managed to squeeze their crowns, halos, head-dresses and ears over the hard hats which had to be worn in the old mill for safety.


Opening the evening Pendeen school’s head teacher, Maureen Nicholls, welcomed the audience and explained how important the message of the occasion was.

She said: “Tonight has only been possible because of the support of Rebecca Gardner, Geevor’s Learning Team Manager and the Pendeen Community Heritage team. It’s so important that our children get involved in the community, it gives them pride in being a part of Pendeen. Tonight’s performance will also help to enforce the Christmas message of peace and hope.”

After the performance guests enjoyed mince pies and mulled wine and a collection was taken to share between the school and Pendeen Community Heritage fund.

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