What’s Claire been up to?


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Yesterday I came back to work to discover a strange man in my office.  He was waving a chisel around.  Turns out, as part of the ongoing conservation of the buildings on site has reached me at last.  It’s a bomb site, I cant even see my desk, so i have been banished to a spare space in Rebecca’s office.

I’m a busy bee at the moment, I’ve just finished writing a paper with Bill for the South West Community Archaeolgy Conference.  Our paper is called ‘Geevor Tin Mine- In the Care of the Community?’ If you would like to read it, email me (claire@geevor.com) and I’ll send you a copy!

I have also been playing with twitter, I’m slightly addicted (in my defence I can now see what all other museums are up to quickly and easily).  Its another tool in the web 2.0 box of tricks.  I said I would attempt to explain what web 2.0 is and why its being used at Geevor. Well… basically its about encouraging everybody and anybody to become interested and involved in Geevor by any means possible.  I focus on electronic things, internet mainly.  This helps people and me to talk to about Geevor and all the exciting things that are going on.

I’m also creating content to go on the forthcoming e-learning website.  I’m doing rocks at the moment, did you know that some of Cornwall’s rocks are over 600 million years old!?  thats old!

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