What’s Bill been up to?

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A word from the Chairperson . . .

‘Chair of Trustees’ is actually Cornish for ‘dogsbody’, so I’ve been filling my time lately with lots of inspiring tasks. These have ranged from working with Claire on a paper we did for Exeter University, working with the contractors who are mending part of the underground workings, interviewing candidates for a job with the Learning Team, having meetings about all sorts of things, helping with the family activities during half term week [‘I think it might be a good idea to take your thumb off the end of the drill before you hit it with hammer’] and having more meetings. The best job we did lately was to clear out the Strong Room, filled with the detritus of centuries masquerading as ‘heritage’. Jo W. was hugely brave when we found a mysterious box filled with poisonous  and possibly radioactive components and took it straight to my office, which was nice. We found all sorts of things we did not know we had: Jo and Nick were very tolerant whenever I found something really interesting and I had to stop to read it.

Outside work I’ve been involved in project to explore and survey an interesting old mine not far away from Geevor – it makes a change from meetings!


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