What’s Rebecca been up to?

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Been another busy month, as ever! The half term activities went well, though I must admit that I’m glad that I don’t have to continue putting on funny voices & sing the ‘Hammer & Crack!’ song again during storytelling too soon – too catchy!

It’s been rewarding to see some regular schools visiting us again this year and it’s lovely to see familiar faces of teachers enthusiastic about Geevor. Though it always amazes me how many new schools from the neighbouring districts can emerge from nowhere – and some really are in the middle of nowhere, which I discover when I’m trying to find them for their outreach sessions! So if you see someone looking lost in a back lane of Cornwall with a car loaded with rocks, mining tools and loan boxes, please point me in the direction of the nearest school!

Not only are we dealing with school visits, but we’ve got student placements from the University of Exeter. My lot have got a fun part – setting up and evaluating some play equipment to see if it enhances Geevor’s ‘Family Friendliness’ or not. Also, Geevor’s Scrapheap Challenge 2009 is looming ahead, so glue guns and plastic bottles galore! This year we’re hoping to have a Scrapheap Cup for the secondary schools to win, so we’ll see how that turns out -thanks Nick H! 😉

Plus, I’m hoping to get involved with the World Heritage Site Education Strategy for Cornish mining this year, and the ball has started rolling, so yet another exciting development to get involved in. Onwards March!


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