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What’s Claire been up to?

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Apparently I look goofy in this picture! the cheek! I was concentrating! its really difficult to take a picture of yourself when your dangling down a 100 year old mine shaft!

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken recently! It’s been a really hectic couple of weeks. I have been away on an e-marketing course, learning how to make Geevor’s website better.  Terms like API, Ajax, RSS, Mashup have been used, I dont know what half of them stand for let alone mean! I definately need to be more techno savvy. but some stuff is just gobbledygook to me. so i retreated to my old archaeologist ways (see where on google earth no7 post) …. Then I had a meeting with my supervisors in Exeter about the e-learning project…. then students from the public history course at the University of Exeter are completing placements at Geevor. The project I gave to two lovely students is to research content for the ‘info mines’ which are touch screen in Geevor’s new museum… Then I moved house!

Oh and I learnt how to hand drill during the half term workshops, which was very exciting. As ever I’m working on content for Geevor’s forthcoming e-learning website, I’m doing Victorian mining and Rocks and Metals at the minute. I have recently updated Geevor’s facebook fan page, it looks snazzy now. Also its National Science and Engineering Week this week, and Geevor is holding the annual Scrapheap Challenge! I haven’t been involved in this before, so I’m quite excited to be taking part on Friday! Building a waterwheel out of scrap sounds well fun.  so yes busy, and geeky.  honestly i used to be hip and trendy at one time.  I dont know what happened!

What’s Jo W been up to?

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27 times I counted our esteemed Chair of Trustees Bill Lakin saying ‘Ooo look at this, I didn’t know we had this’ as we began our clear-out  of  the most infamous object store on site – the ‘Strong Room’. This was countered by my ‘Eugh, what on earth is this?’. This room is in fact a giant walk-in fireproof safe in which anything vaguely valuable (and some things not so) had been dumped since about 1931. Technically a non-museum term, ‘clear-out’ is certainly the most appropriate. Little did we know what we had taken on when Bill, myself and Nick T, Assistant Curator decided it was the first move in our grand collection management strategy. Yes there were some really amazing discoveries (my favourite was the BBQ skewers from the old Geevor Gala halcyon days of the 1980s) but there was also a load of rubbish like three boxes of till rolls from the Reception till which was actually replaced last year. We cleared, and cleaned, and cleaned some more until finally we were left with a very clear and accessible storage room, with plenty of space to add some of our other treasures currently in other rooms onsite. More importantly Nick and I now had an idea what exactly was in this room  – since little existed in the way of an inventory. That’s our next move….Despite being very dirty and tired, this was a joy to complete.

I have also, in my spare time, been working on the next exhibition Geevor Then and Now which is a photographic exhibition portraying the changes in the site over the years. Gone are the days when the Curator gets to spend time selecting and carefully researching exhibition content. My job is more along the lines of chasing people, trying to blag cheaper prices for things and cleaning.  Bring on the spring!