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Apparently I look goofy in this picture! the cheek! I was concentrating! its really difficult to take a picture of yourself when your dangling down a 100 year old mine shaft!

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken recently! It’s been a really hectic couple of weeks. I have been away on an e-marketing course, learning how to make Geevor’s website better.  Terms like API, Ajax, RSS, Mashup have been used, I dont know what half of them stand for let alone mean! I definately need to be more techno savvy. but some stuff is just gobbledygook to me. so i retreated to my old archaeologist ways (see where on google earth no7 post) …. Then I had a meeting with my supervisors in Exeter about the e-learning project…. then students from the public history course at the University of Exeter are completing placements at Geevor. The project I gave to two lovely students is to research content for the ‘info mines’ which are touch screen in Geevor’s new museum… Then I moved house!

Oh and I learnt how to hand drill during the half term workshops, which was very exciting. As ever I’m working on content for Geevor’s forthcoming e-learning website, I’m doing Victorian mining and Rocks and Metals at the minute. I have recently updated Geevor’s facebook fan page, it looks snazzy now. Also its National Science and Engineering Week this week, and Geevor is holding the annual Scrapheap Challenge! I haven’t been involved in this before, so I’m quite excited to be taking part on Friday! Building a waterwheel out of scrap sounds well fun.  so yes busy, and geeky.  honestly i used to be hip and trendy at one time.  I dont know what happened!

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