Scrapheap Challenge


Cape Cornwall School


Scrapheap Challenge!

Congratulations  Cape Cornwall on producing the overall winning water wheel for Scrapheap Challenge.

The top 3 teams from the week all winning T-shirts were

1st place

Cape Cornwall’s team C.C who completed the track in just  1.03.12.

Well done Charlotte Kevern and Chloe Flack!


2nd palce

Humphry Davy’s Team Squeels who completed the track in 1.22.19

Well done Amber Scott and Mary Davis!

3rd place

Hayle School’s Team Scrapfusion with their wheel Zanzibar which completed the track in 1.27.84.

Well done Thomas Berry, Dean Burdaky and Liam Broad!

The first place winners from Cape Cornwall also win a special Scrapheap Challenge trophy for their school.

Congratulations to all participants. The overall consensus being that they felt they had learnt a lot and had fun at the same time. Each will receive a certificate with the time or distance covered by their team’s wheel.

Scrap heap challenge was held at Geevor over the 9th to the 13th of March to celebrate national Science and engineering week. The challenge was to design and build a waterwheel out of scrap materials. The water wheel had to power an inclined tramway. The waterwheels were put to the test to a time test find the best pulling power up the tramway.

The competition runs every year and is open to Yr.7 students from Penwith’s secondary schools.

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