Student placements at Geevor

geevor-09_03_13-042For the past 3 weeks we have had the pleasure of working with some students from the University of Exeter. The module in public history, taken by Single Honours students in their first year, explores the presentation of history in, for example, museums and heritage sites, and on film and television. A twenty-hour work placement in February/March is an integral part of the module… We were lucky enough to have 6 intrepid Geevorites working on 3 different projects.  We want to thank them all so much for all their hard work!

At the end of the project we forced them to do a presentation and even write a guest blog post.  They will probably be mortified that I am letting the world see their work, but I’m going to do it anyway… not because I’m evil, but because they are really good!

Ben and Melissa’s presentation

Adam and Dan’s presentation

Ellie and Abbie’s presentaion

Again a big thank you to Adam, Dan, Ellie, Abbie, Ben and Melissa!

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