What’s Rebecca been up to?

untitled-8-croppedNow this month, for a change, time hasn’t flew by as quick as usual as I’ve been laid up at home ill for a week and a half this month – it’s nice being back at work and able to do something productive again! (I will try my hardest not to be ill again this year). ‘Times are achangin…’ as we have our new Learning Team member now in post (Claire Scott) who started on Mon 30th March, so we’ll be all steam ahead once she’s found her feet around site. We’re also planning a few changes to improve our efficiency in the learning dept, in order to manage our increasing bookings and balance quantity & quality, so watch this space in the coming months as I start being ruthless! Lots of activities planned for the coming Easter holidays – including some unique ‘Headgear’  making, one of which I was forced into modelling for the newspaper (if it gets printed, you will understand why I was slightly embarassed!). AND!! Our brand new trail & leaflet ‘Wildlife on the Edge’ is being launched on Tues (7th April) which is an amazing resource that ‘new Claire’ will be leading on and developing in the future. Last week I attended & presented my ‘Family Friendly’ equipment at MAGnet (Museums, Archives and Galleries network) held at Constantine this time (what a place to find! it’s lovely but in the middle of nowhere!) and my toy drills, which has sounds effects and moves, with matching ear muffs&gloves, were especially popular and I hope that we can put them out on site, along with the other equipment I was able to purchase, sometime in the near future for families’ use. If anyone wants to ever give (constructive!) feedback on their visit or suggestions for the site, please do contact us and we’ll put it forward for consideration. Thanks!

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