What’s Jo B been up to?


It has been absolutely mad for me this term, with a learning group in on nearly every one of my days. It is brilliant to have so many schools and other groups using us. In the last couple of weeks we have had several  schools that have never been before. We have also extended our work out to groups such as Hayle Youth Group who work with expelled students.  Geevor is proving itself to be an excellent place to engage people, whatever their age or interests. It takes people out of their everyday into an experience which is quite different.

Due to our increased influx I have been left with very little time to see to any of my other jobs. Despite this my main other focus, Scrapheap challenge, went smoothly, much to the credit of our fantastic volunteers Cyril and Kay. And it was really great to get 2 more schools (Hayle and St Ives) involved.

I have also been redeveloping  one of our workshops, currently titled light and Dark. The curatorial team has come up with some new and interesting artifacts to add to our handling collection for schools which will enhance the workshop.

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