What’s Jo W been up to?

jo w

This month, I allowed myself the luxury (read: work at home in the evenings and day off) to research and write the captions for our new exhibition, Geevor Then & Now. This exhibition is photographs of Geevor from the 1920s through to the 1980s together with their equivalent shots taken from the same spot today. Lots of thanks to those who played a significant part in making this exhibition happen. Already had some great comments from our Easter visitors. Although I’m horrified to admit that we actually hung one particular ‘then’ and ‘now’ shot in the wrong order and a visitor pointed it out. Of course it was all part of my master plan to find out just how much visitors actually read the captions!!!  I’m pleased with how it looks except for one wall that needs to be rehung as I am not happy with the spacing between photographs. Nick T thinks it’s fine but I suspect it’s because he alone understands the complexities and time involved in redoing it with me. His response, when I made this point, was that no-one else thought it looked odd. But given that the word ‘art’ is like the worst swear word at Geevor, I think his argument is flawed. Clever, but flawed. Otherwise, our current focus is on archives as we have our quarterly inspection from the Records Office coming up. Although this may sound scary, I’m really pleased with how it’s going. We have a plan to deal with various things that drastically need improving, and the Record Office steer us through this. Champion. Next month I just might blind you with some statistics on progress….

Also, Bish Bash Bosh Theatre Company have approached us with a view to hosting a performance in the summer. All very exciting, but does anyone know about performance licensing? Do we need one? Yikes. We’re also looking at more art sessions over the summer, so watch this space for some upcoming workshops.

Oh and a package arrived yestereday addressed to a Mr G.T.Mine. That made me laugh – the beauty of online ordering!!

I’ve torn the ligaments in my ankle, so I’m now hobbling off to measure the space for the Theater Company…..

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