What’s Claire been up to?

claire rGeevor goes abroad!

hello! this week i’m mostly going to be getting up to mischief in america! yep thats right, i’ve been allowed out of my little dark and damp office in cornwall and off to Indianapolis! which today turned out to quite damp and cold! almost home from home.  why am i in america? well its for a conference called museums and the web #mw2009.  So i will be posting quite a lot about it this week, as i discover lots of interesting things that i can steal and then use at Geevor. best to be upfront about yoinking cool things from other museums….

so i arrived yesterday, sunday night – no easter eggs on the plane 😦 and battled with jet lag and the weather and ended up at the Indiana state museum today.  it was awesome.  they must get some major funding to do all the interactive stuff! from touch sensitive fossils, to directional speakers, to giant beavers! BRILLIANT!  it was slick, and well organised and most importantly it was so much fun.  there was a school group in and i was having to fight with them to play with some of the stuff.  i am a big kid/museum geek, i want to play with everything!  oohh and on the mining front, the museum has a nice 19th century coal mining flat cap complete with oil lamp attachment… honestly mining seems to follow me everywhere.

tomorrow is the start of the conference tour, so i get to go to the indianapolis art museum, the childrens museum and the zoo! all three do innovative stuff with the web (roaming webcams at the zoo!).  i love animals, nearly as much as i love museums, so i’m stupidly excited about tomorrow.  fingers crossed there will be lots of things i can nick and make them geevorish.

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