Geevor goes abroad…

Sharks, dolphins, and sever rooms oh my…

Random ramblings of Claire R

day one of #mw2009, and I was off on a bus tour of three museums (well an art gallery, a childrens museum and a zoo) in Indianpolis. and it was great.  The Indianapolis museum of art has some pretty interesting stuff, including a server room which they seem very proud off.  lots of wires and flashing lights.  but they have this thing called the Davis lab  which is a area in the gallery space where people can access the online stuff that the IMA does.  genius idea.  shall be stealing that for geevor i thinks!

the childrens museum was brilliant! so many little people running around and making noise… possibly would be a tad dangerous to do that on a mine site, but it is something to aspire to where possible! the childrens museum seems to have more emphasis on fun then learning. I don’t mean that in a bad way,  the key aspect was that it was so tactile and constructivist in approach that everyone wanted to play! as long as the visitors are having an experience it surely means they are learning! you even get to be part of some of the exhibits, crawling inside train sets, or going inside a submarine! fab.

as for the zoo, well that was just great! got to go behind the scenes where the dolphins and a massive  whalrus called brutus hang out.  maybe we really should get a geevor goat?

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