small institutions…big dreams

claire rThe museums and the web conference that I’m at (apologies for hogging blog space) is making me think about some interesting stuff. Yesterday as part of an ‘un conference’ session I met some other people from small museums and art galleries around the world who are trying to engage with social media/web 2.0 stuff.  It was really great to meet people in a similar situation and discuss what tools and techniques they are using, and what works and what doesn’t.  The major problem all small institutions seem to be facing is the fact that yes, we want to reach out to new audiences, and we want everyone to enjoy what our museums have to offer, but its really hard to do that when you dont have the staff, the money or the time to do it.  And even when we do go about interacting, will anybody want to listen to what we have to say?

but its not all doom and gloom! one of the things that we didnt really talk about and should of really, was how to engage visitors and potential visitors… Maybe we should just ask them! (we want to do visitor focus groups and evaluation but we never quite get round to it) instead of creating new mediums of interaction and hoping that people will join; facebook, twitter, flickr, read and respond to blogs… so here’s my question:

What do you

guys think?

how would you like to interact with us? what can we offer you that we don’t already? big things? little things? any things??we dont bite, and we, well me anyway, would love to know what you want us to do for you to make your experience brilliant.

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  1. […] have the time, money or resources?”  this links to something I blogged about during MW2009- Small Institutions Big Dreams. The fact that small museums just don’t have enough resources to commit to engaging museum […]

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