The Night Shift

victory headgear in moonlightGeevor is offering a unique and atmospheric opportunity to experience what it was like to be a miner on The Night Shift. Cool!

As part of the national Museums at Night campaign, Geevor (the only museum in the South West participating so everyone has no choice you must come!) we’ll be touring the mine buildings on Friday, May 15th between 8.30pm-10pm.

What can you see at Night? the night shift at Geevor which mainly involved hauling ore up Victory Shaft and processing it in the mill, so it was noisy, dirty and hard work.   it will be a completely different atmosphere to the daytime feel of the site, now you can get first hand experience of what the night shift workers must have felt when the site was a working tin mine.

The tour will pass through a selection of buildings including the mill, compressor house and winder house, all of which operated at night, as well as the dry – the miners changing room, which, still full of personal possessions and mining paraphernalia, has been preserved as it would have been before the mine stopped production.

“This is an entirely different experience to visiting the mine during the day,”

“At night every creak and rattle tells its own story.”

Bill Lakin, Chair

The tour is recommended for those over seven years and it is essential to bring your own torch. Tickets cost £5 and should be booked in advance by telephone 01736 788662.


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