Get excited about Geevor!

following on from ‘be excited about tin mining’ comes a list of:


10 reasons to get exicted about Geevor!

Jo w the curator came up with these:

1.       It’s real

2.       It’s about people

3.       It’s about a community

4.       Some of the old miners still work here

5.       Most of the buildings survive

6.       It’s got amazing views

7.       It epitomizes Cornwall’s former industrial glory

8.       It more than likely supplied the tin for all tins of beans for about fifty years (questionable but sounds good to me!)

9.       It ‘s a gateway to the World  Heritage Site

10.     You get to go underground

why do you get excited about Geevor?

One Response to “Get excited about Geevor!”

  1. Wonderful memorys of courting a miners daughter,walking up from Averock back through the mine, which even then in the dark was creepy
    Not so romantic seeing the terrible results of silicosis to her father.Wondering who let my tyres down when i went back to my motorbike!!!Seeing how tough miners work was.Standing opposite the old explosive store now,hearing nothing, you could be on the moon.This is a place I shall come many more times, it is always showing me a new side.You are doing a great job balancing,history with a need to be commercial.

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