Scrap heap challenge tidy up

jo bI’ve got a few minutes to update my blog between setting up for the school coming today( involving putting out handling objects in the Hard Rock Museum and getting hard hats out)and the school arriving. On days when schools are in it can be very difficult to get any other tasks done. 

 We have been so inundated with schools in that it has taken me up to now to finally clear up and pack away all the scrap heap challenge paraphernalia and update the folder for next year.  I am now half way through my pregnancy and probably will not be back from my maternity leave for scrap heap challenge next year so I want to leave everything as clear and simple to organize as possible. Scrap heap challenge is one of my favorite events at Geevor and one that I am really proud of creating. I was really pleased this year when two more schools- Hayle and St Ives were able to join in as well.  We have had lots of ideas of how to make it even better next year and it’s frustrating to think I will miss it.


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