Bish Bash Bosh

surfing tommies A4 no text-1 copySurfing Tommies at Geevor

Described as Cornish National Theatre at its very best, local theatre company, Bish Bash Bosh, is set to perform its latest production, ‘Surfing Tommies’, on the tin floors of Geevor Tin Mine’s old processing mill.

The one-off performance of Alan M Kent’s rousing new play is due to take place on Tuesday, June 9th at  Geevor, beginning at 7.30pm.

Set around the First World War, the drama follows the lives of three members of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry on an incredible journey from the mines of Cornwall to the fields of Flanders and home again. Along the way they meet mazed beauties, mad male-voice choirs and the first surfers neatly taking to the waves on coffin lids.

Though set in the early twentieth century, this darkly mischievous play makes comment on current conflicts around the world, and what it is like to be away from where you were brought up.

Tickets for the play cost £7, £6 concessions and £5 for children under 16 and are available from the mine’s reception. For more details contact 01736 788662.

2 Responses to “Bish Bash Bosh”

  1. Andy Frost Says:

    I have just returned from Callington town hall where I saw the absolutely brilliant Surfing Tommies.
    Every one with the slightest interest in drama must see this superb production.

  2. Diana Page Says:

    We attended ‘Surfing Tommies’ last evening at Praa Sands Community Centre – absolutely outstanding!: both the play (Congratulations to the author) and the production. Acting credited to be London standard and inovative use of simple stage props brilliant. We will be recommending you to friends and certainly will be attending your next production.

    Thank you for bringing such a standard of theatre to West Cornwall!

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