What’s Jo W been up to?

jo wNevermind April in Paris, how about April at Geevor?….

another very busy month. The highlight was step 2 in our collections management storage strategy – clearing out the boiler room. The aim of this was to create a central store for objects that are currently scattered on desks and in cupboards around the site. The reality was disgustingly dirty and resulted in a good telling off by Pat our cleaner (and rightly so). I have learnt a clever cleaning trick from Nick T since starting at Geevor – don’t sweep, hoover! We (Bill, Nick and I) spent at least 6 hours Bill boiler roomhoovering dust, cobwebs and rust at least 2cm thick (no joke!).  We were covered in it – in our hair and up our noses. Bill also very kindly repaired some of the gaps at the bottom of the door to stop the rain blowing in. Unbenknownst to me, out of sheer exhaustion, Nick T returned the hoover still full of the dust cobwebs etc to Pat’s cupboard…mistake….Pat couldn’t even lift the hoover the next day…luckily she saw the funny side and we helped empty it.

In amongst the dirt were some nice bits of mining history, including several horsehoe-shaped irons off of the bottom of clogs – some very small and probably belonging to children. Hope to put some of these discoveries on display in the new museum. Also lots of tools and four candles. Endless amounts of laughter about the fork handle/four Nick T shelvescandles joke. A good day’s work, but only about 30% complete.

The oral history volunteers have moved office and are now equipped with a new printer….hurrah! Their old abode was over crowded and noisy so I suggested a termporary relocation. They now have the best office on site…!!! We have some really interesting stories to follow up on and have set the project up with its own email address… oralhistory@geevor.com.

Also we had the first glimpses of our new geevor website – geevor.com. Hurrah! It’s great, and will be super. Has all the right info in the right order, and looks super with brand colours, logo and stunning images. However, a heap more work coming my way methinks….

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