I think I am going to blow away !

Claire SSo I can’t believe it has been a month and a bit since I started here! It has flown past in a blur of tours and taking in ALOT of information! It’s been a brilliant month I have learnt so much about the site and its history, everyone working here has been really helpful in answering my never-ending questions! I also now have my own desk due to the reshuffle. . . .very exciting in my world!

The best bit so far (other than the desk!)  has been having the school groups in where they have a tour around the site and a go at hand drilling. All children are convinced that the spare wheel in the winder house when dismantled and folded in half is a Jacuzzi!! Seeing the kids on the site has made me realise that learning in-situ really brings history to life. Looking forward to the next lot!!

Been developing ideas to get more people using the Biodiversity Trail and how this can link in with workshops we run on site and events. Realised that it is really weather dependant as I stood on a wildlife walk in sideways rain, thick fog and howling gales! Am working on it!!

Who’s Claire S?  find about more!

not to be confused with Claire R (its very easily done, same name, same office, same phoneline…)


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