Rebecca’s hectic month


Had a quick break this month – went back to uni to see my old geology friends for a reunion which highlighted that, as I work in a tin mine, I am actually one of those who continued in Geology after our degree… but don’t suppose that I’m meant to know something about rocks though! (I studied fossils – not much use here in Cornwall which has very few!)

The climax of the month at Geevor for the Learning Team though was the May half term when we cast ingots! Well… plaster of paris ingots, in our children’s workshop where we had several girls attend who were very keen. Me and Claire S, got a little too keen as well and ended up being a bit on the messy side – a mixture of plaster and silver spray paint! Hopefully there’ll be some real smelting demos during the summer which we’re also trying to organise. Plus I’ve now been trained to do the shaking table demonstrations to help out the guides when busy, so I was called to do that a couple of times as practice for the hectic summer ahead. Also, our new trail around the site seemed to be a hit, so we’ve decided to keep that going from now on and over the summer period – hopefully the secret answer won’t be spread too quickly amongst visitors! Onto June though and ‘The Giant Sleepover’ to be organised… Watch this space!


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