Proper underground my lovers!

Down victory shaft

Well after being away for a wee while off camping I (Claire S) returned to Geevor just in time to have a VERY EXCITING MORNING. No really it was, I got the chance to go down Victory Shaft the main shaft that was used at Geevor before it shut. I should point out that this was a very rare oportuntiy for some of us here to go down the mine. This included climbing down 18 ladders to the third level up to where the shaft is flooded to.  A small exert of what was going through my head at the time “right its going to be fine, I only have a small fear of heights/small spaces, don’t look up don’t look down and adopt a voice that makes me sound alot more nonchalant than I feel….what am I doing oh noooooo…..its okay not a problem don’t look up etc” .  As it turned out it was really cool going deeper underground, the light gradually disappearing and the old rusting metal pipes, dripping rock faces and wobbly ladders becoming more familiar scenery.  We were led on a tour going deeper along the main adit for the shaft. Off this there were loads of other mine workings of different ages dating from the 18th century. With low ceilings and water over the top of my wellie boots we made our down through mine workings that spanned over 300 years. One of the coolest parts for me was seeing in the rock where the miners had hand drilled into the rock to set the shot, showing which way they had been working from and the load they were following. This meant that as you travelled through the underground you could work out from the clues they had left behind what the miners had been thinking and how they planned their next moves.  Being no geologist I was only able to admire the colours of the minerals seeping from the rock face which were really astounding colours and made some very interesting formations. We finished the tour at the bottom of the cliff which meant that luckily we didn’t have to test our fitness getting back up the 18 ladders! ! It was an amazing 2 hours underground, could always do more if I were to join St.Just Mines Group although it was mentioned that they often abseil into shafts hmmm….. maybe one step too far for this slightly claustrophobic girl with vertigo!!

One Response to “Proper underground my lovers!”

  1. Great little article.How about a raffle for the punters.Winner gets the underground tour,put my name in the hat!!!

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