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Jo B signing off till Easter 2010

Posted in meet the geevor staff on July 20, 2009 by geevor

jo bThis is Jo B signing off till Easter. The last school group of the school year has been, term is at an end and therefore it is time for me also to go for the summer. However, unlike the school groups I will not be back in September as my second baby is due on the 20th September and based on how things are going, I shall be rather too large to make it back up the hill at the end of a workshop.

I will however be back after Easter for the start of the summer term next year, and I am already exited about what the possibilities within my job may be by then. Whilst I am away, our learning website and new information leaflet will be launched. Our office hours, if we have any( if school visits continue to increase at their current rate we won’t) can be taken up with new exiting projects to make Geevor even more accessible in even more ways to even more learners. See you then. Can’t wait!

Jo B