So long and thanks for all the tea…

The end of school term marks a change for Geevor’s Learning Team, as we say goodbye to schools until September & turn our thoughts to developing (or repairing!) our resources ready for the next school year in this valuable prep time over the school hols. But we ended the school term with a lovely local nursery group coming onsite after an outreach session on Basil & Scraggs Go Underground at Geevor including the famous Mining Song! (Don’t you just love songs with actions!?!)

We also had to say good bye to Jo B until next year, as she goes on maternity leave – (we said goodbye with a very chocolatey chocolate cake! – thanks Claire!). By the next monthly blog, we’d have also said good bye to Claire R, who’s been developing this blog, and other online stuff, over the last year and a half but is heading off to London to meet the Queen! (well, kind of..).

One thing that won’t change in the dept though, thanks to both Jo B and Claire R founding it over the last year or so – is drinking lots of tea!! Though Claire S may potentially be worse than both! we shall see…

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