Old machines and new technology….

Claire SWell Blog me up! Apart from ducking the rain drops summer up until now not a lot has been on just quite a few people in site!  Today I was taken down to the Slimes Plant, which much to my disappointment wasn’t  slimy! There was however some VERY COOL STUFF.  The building was used to recover the tin from the ‘slimes’  which was the very fine particles from the shaking tables, this was the last chance for any particles of tin to be removed . The building was almost like another Mill pretty much un-touched. Lots of switches and buttons long since pressed, cobwebs and slowly rusting up machinery.  We discovered a computer from the late 60’s that was the size of a stand up drinks fridge that was to be used for on-stream analysing to continuously monitor the tin output from the Mill and the Slimes Plant. It was the first automatic control to be used at Geevor, using tape with holes in (see invention of Jacquard Loom in 1801, worked on same principle). Even more excitingly and thanks to the progression of technology I was able to film our visit with our new hand held flip camcorder!  Very high tech, and I was able to film myself walking into a low beam as I wasn’t looking where I was going! .

Sadly the other Claire will be leaving next week so we are making the most of picking her brains and learning how to do web site stuff and today edit film and upload on YouTube! Look out for the new spangly and informative web site launching on Monday 17th August.  Also check out the cool Biodiversity Events we are holding over August, it’s not just a mine you know……..

Back to the 60's.....
Back to the 60’s…..
Where does the coke come out ?
Where does the coke come out ?

Only the spiders down here now....

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