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Astronomy Dominie

Posted in meet the geevor staff on October 8, 2009 by geevor

How excited was I about the lecture given to us by Brian Sheen, Astronomer, at the beginning of September here at Geevor?. Very!. Firstly Brian gave a talk with the most amazing presentation of  what the night skies looked like in this part of the world on the big screen. And then we went outside. We were blessed by a clear night and being this remote there was very little in the way of light pollution. Numerous strange-looking bits of kit were assembled and we all had the chance to look through them. Amazing. We were able to see Jupiter (plus three of Jupiter’s  moons), the Andromoda galaxy, Altair, Deneb and  Vega (the summer triangle) the Plough (an old favourite!), the Milky Way (very clear!),  to name but a few that I can remember. The moon was bright but the Dark Side thankfully eluded us.

Is There Anybody Out There? Well, the International Space Station passed over a couple of times and a few other satellites were visible. I have always intended to inform myself about The Great Gig in the Sky and I think this might be the beginning (let’s not mention that I have actually worked at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich ….!)

Otherwise, we were still quite busy in September due to the fact that the sun actually shone. Not quite warm enough for that evening swim or beach BBQ but certainly lovely enough for people to want to be outside exploring Geevor. Wish You Were Here?.

So we have begun the big catch up on the things that didn’t get done over the busy summer. This includes an unprecedented number of enquiries.  Mainly of a family history nature. Rebecca and I had a great trip to visit the Cornish Studies Library in Redruth, where we were shown round by Kim, who is lovely and knows lots. This is a great place and the starting point for most Cornish history enquiries. Near to the top of my (fantasy curatorial) list for Geevor is to do something about computerising some of our records so that these enquiries can be done at the touch of a button.  Help!  Welcome To The Machine…

In the very last week in September I began my new working arrangements. As a six month secondment, I am working half the week on a different job, based at the Royal Cornwall Museum. This new role is about working with and supporting smaller museums across Cornwall. I’m very excited but also aware of having to deliver on both jobs, in such little time. Yikes. No pressure! Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun….

The photo attached is of one of our Interactives in the museum. Every day we see our visitors trying to solve this puzzle – which involves figuring out a sequence for the wheels to link up in order to turn the handle and ‘lift the cage’.  This particular sequence is cleverly impressive and visually stunning. Thank you to whoever did this. Flaming!Objects June