Another action packed month on the cliff edge…..

Another action packed month at Geevor ! No really! We have had school groups back on site which has been great as small people are generally very amusing! We all have been working very hard on the new Wildlife on the Edge exhibition in the Hard Rock Gallery which opened on Friday the 21st October. We had a bit of a ‘do’ for everyone who contributed. The two professional photographers Dave Chapman and Steve Jones whose photos make up the majority of the exhibition and the winners and entrants of our photo competition (the youngest is 3!) joined us. Really looking forward to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s travelling exhibition to arrive on the 20th November that will be shown simultaneously, all very exciting….watch this space or a space!

We also held our Bat Detecting evening which was brilliant and very well attaneded, two different species of bats were located on site despite a brisk on-shore wind, many thanks to all involved.

Just getting to the end of October half term week which has been busy, especially considering you can’t see your had in front of your face today the fog is so thick! (How can it be so windy and so foggy at the same time, where does it all come from?) We had a very special visit from Hilary Bracegirdle from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) whose input has paid for the Hard Rock Museum and all the new roofs on site amongst other things. The HLF (aka National Lottery) is celebrating its 15 year anniversary, and to join the celebration we have held some special events over the week to coincide with the half term.  I led a drop-in session in the Hard Rock Gallery where people could get advice on how to encourage and create habitats for our native wildlife in their gardens, be they big or small. There were also wildlife related crafty activities for the smaller ones; everyone who took part seemed to really enjoy it!

We also participated in the Big Draw this year, again a really busy day with a lot of very creative goings on. We don’t have many creations to exhibit as everyone wanted to take their pictures home with them…a lasting reminder of Geevor!

Next mission: Christmas.……..ho ho ohhh!

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