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It’s blowing a hooley!!

Posted in 1, meet the geevor staff on November 23, 2009 by geevor

Hello, Rebecca here.

Yes, it’s winter time again and the winds and gales are lashing the north coast of Cornwall, being the first to take the brunt of it! Thankfully the Headgear is still standing, but making an amazing whistling sound when you stand under it due to the wind! General visitor numbers¬†have thinned out now, as the holiday season has ended, but it gives us valuable maintenance time, to prepare for next years season. Last week though we had several groups in, battling through the wind. Me & Claire had to utilise our ‘Hands on Hats!’ signal to quieten the students as we couldn’t shout over them and the wind – not all day anyway, we’d end up with no voice at all! Our new undercover handdrilling area works a treat though and is really sheltered – so thanks to David& Bill and Barry & Andrew for getting that ready for us ūüôā

Only one school group left to do this term now, but that’s fine as¬†we’ve got our Christmas event to prepare for, on Mon 21st Dec,¬†and we’re having a new grotto this year. Previously Santa’s used our underground grotto, but we thought we’d be kind, as he such a busy fellow in December,¬†and so we’re putting him in a more sheltered spot!

Last week I went through the struggle of trying to buy some carbide for our Light & Dark workshop, but it’s a hard chemical to get from a distance – something to do with the fact that it gives of a flammable gas when it’s wet! But that’s why it was used in the miners’ carbide lamps. Eventually I found a caving suppliers who’s willing to post some, though trying to find a dry¬†storage¬†spot in an old tin mine may be the next challenge…

Plus Claire and I had a little visitor in the office last week – one who likes to nibble on sweets and leave deposits around the room…No, it’s not a child, but something with a tail! To be expected in this place I suppose! The things we put up with to work in such a cool place!