I’m going Christmas crackers!!

So its that time of year….again, with all the lovely weather we have been having we have discovered new leaks in the roofs (due to sideways rain) and that it is possible for it to be colder on the inside of a building that outside!

But then, ’tis the season to be jolly, and we have some real treats this Christmas. All the action is happening on the 21st December when Santa is including us in his busy scedule and dropping by with lots of great presents. You can catch him in his mining Grotto in the building opposite the cafe to get your free gift and to put a good word in for the big day!

I am also on a Christmas biscuit making mission, this idea is either genius or very very messy. As part of the traditional Christmas tree decorating activities we are offering on Monday, there is also the chance to decorate your own biscuit with a wonderful array of coloured icing and edible sparkly things!!  As I said I may live to regret this as small children have the habit of decorating themselves in icing given the chance!

 Its all FREE so please come and join in child or not,  we need our tree decorating !!

Claire signing off for now….. hope you have a joyful Christmas and productive New Year…. well, its what I am aiming for anyway!

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