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Not quite Blackpool this year!

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Geevor’s Curator, Jo W, blogs on Christmas at Geevor…..

The photo below is probably from the early 1980s – a time when Geevor was profiting nicely from its tin production and well able to afford such an onstentatious Christmas ‘Tree’. Surely Santa had no problems finding Pendeen that year?. Well, given that an average month’s leccy bill for the mine in early 1980s ran into the hundred thousands, I don’t suppose a few extra fairy lights would make much of a difference. However, in 2009 trying to recreate this spectable ain’t so simple. Still got the ‘tree’, check, but now we need a scaffolding tower, and more than the two available plug sockets…. Bah humbug!. What we were able to achieve was something lovely and sparkly without either of the above, but it’s not quite Blackpool…..

Gendall Design helped out again this year with a generous donation towards ourChristmas fund and we have two lovely Christmas Trees, better lights, a grotto worthy of Santa and all the reindeer (ironically in the old stables, so we’re expecting some guests around the 25th!), an exciting Christmas craft activity and a slight hint of Christmas cheer amongst the staff to say thank you for. Our Christmas Day yesterday was super – lots of glitter and santa and presents and fun.

Last week we held our annual Volunteers Christmas Gathering – what a success it was, with a record turn out of volunteers. It was cleverly timed to allow our archive volunteers an opportunity to defrost after their stint in the archive room (over a mince pie or two). I was running a successful underground ‘tot of Brandy in your coffee?’ operation which probably explained a few wobbles and red faces. Not for me though as I had to do a mammoth session on our Arts Council grant immediately afterwards, for which one needs a clear head and a lot of concentration. Got there in the end though. How happy was I and rewarded myself with a mince pie smuggled out of the Volunteers do…!!

Nick T has been busy with enquiries – everyone seems to have been researching their family history this year and we have been inundated with requests. My plan is to get most of the information in these records onto a database soon so we can search on surnames and jobs etc at the click of a mouse – how much quicker that would make our job!

I’m beginning to realise that two part-time jobs do not equally a whole, but a whole plus a few evenings thrown in. I was up till well past midnight last week working on Geevor’s events and exhibitions programme for next year – it rocks though and we’re looking forward to launching ourselves into it in January with our ‘walk off those Christmas calories’ walk around site.

My other half time job is equally demanding and I am trying to make it to the end of today for a break over Christmas – hurrah! Happy Winter Solstice. See you in January!

Geevor in the early 1980s.