New things for 2010…

Well, having another snow/ice bound day! Have just finished typing up the events list for the next year and we have tonnes going on. It is definitely going to be busy and action packed. I too am looking at having a busy year though not at Geevor. I am starting a new job where I will be engaging communities with the natural environment on the Lizard Peninsular! I am very sad to leave Geevor, the people I have met since being here have been amazing and there is a real passion to preserve our local history and culture. My new job means I am am able to put my Conservation Degree to good use. The master plan is obviously to save the world and create a place where all creatures both human and animal can live in together in peace……BUT one small step at a time!!

Anyway this will be my last blog so I just wanted to say thank you everyone for my time at Geevor to all the staff here and the schools that have visited and caused a great deal of amusement! I will certainly miss the voices piping up “is that a jacuzzi?” when referring to the winder wheel and “are we underground yet?” when walking through a building with windows and daylight!

I really must remember to write some of them down!
Cheers for now, Claire.

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