Underground Overground

Ever wondered what a plan of the underground mining areas at Geevor might look like? Or why and how they were made? This exhibition at Geevor Tin Mine tells the story of these underground plans, with photographs and information to help you locate what’s left on the surface today.
There are over 3000 historic maps and plans in the archive collection at Geevor Tin Mine. These range in size, date and type. For the last three years, Volunteers have worked painstakingly to catalogue this collection.

Thanks to the British Geological Survey, it has been possible to have this collection of plans digitally scanned, and this exhibition displays full-sized prints of some of these plans and tells the interesting stories associated with them. We have also been fortunate to have the help of the St Just Mines Research Group who have been crucial in aiding our research.

The exhibition includes a chance to find out about how a wrong calculation when drawing an underground plan led to the 1893 Wheal Owles mining disaster and the loss of 20 lives, as well as a look at how close the miners worked to the sea bed under Levant and Geevor Mines.

The exhibition will run until the end of April 2011.

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