Scrapheap Challenge – Free event for Year 7 students

scrapheap challege


National Science and Engineering Week (15th -24th March 2013).

Winning Event

Last year our Scrapheap Challenge won the top prize of “Best Engineering Event“ throughout the whole of National Science and Engineering week! So thank you very much to all the schools who participated last year and helped make it such a success.

 We challenge you to design and build a waterwheel out of everyday scrap materials provided by Geevor. Your  water wheel must pull a cart the furthest distance in the fastest time.


School prize

The winning school will receive £100 for your school science or technology club plus the Trophy for a year.

Team prize

The winning team (up to 5 students a team) – you will get free family entry to Geevor for a year.

Every participant

Every entry will receive a certificate showing the test results of their water wheel.

This year you can also use the event to complete a bronze CREST award.

Contact Jo Buckingham for more details on 01736 788662 oe email


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