Scrapheap challenge brilliant feedback

Last Week I went into GEMS Bolitho School – the winners of the Scrapheap challenge school competition, to award them their certificates and prizes. I thought that all the students and public that took part in National Science and Engineering week this year were fantastic and I was very pleased to receive lots of feedback that let me know that the feeling was mutual. Thanks to all who took the time to give us your feedback. It was really appreciated and will help us make the event ever better next year.

Here is a little taster of what they had to say about Geevor’s scrapheap challenge.

Jim Brown – Teacher GEMS Bolitho
A thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience for all including the teachers. Thanks.

Nikki Brown – Teacher Humphry Davy School
What a wonderful day out. We all loved it. Staff and Pupils. Really friendly and well organised staff. Thank you so much.

Jowan- Student Humphry Davy school
This trip was awesome. I really enjoyed making and using the waterwheel for the scrapheap challenge. I also liked exploring all the amazing tunnels

Student- Gems Bolitho
Tense, exiting and fascinating.

Student- Hayle Academy
The best thing was using the different materials to make the water wheel.

John and family – Public scrapheap challenge participants
5 out of 5. Enjoyable, intriguing, inspiring and surprising

Thanks again all

Jo Buckingham


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