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Guest Post: Melissa Cooper

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One of our lovely student placements!

Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m also a first year history student at the University of Exeter. I have been working on a museum evaluation project over three weeks at Geevor to analyse the audio-visual elements it has to offer. We spent time looking at the audio-visual elements and developed a questionnaire to ask the public what they thought when they visited. Overall I thought the museum was great. It provided an excellent overview of the mining processes and I really learned a lot about mining in Cornwall whilst I was at Geevor. The Geevor film in the museum was excellent and it backed up the information I got on the underground tour especially. In general I thought that the museum was a great place to visit when coming to Geevor because it is good for people of all ages to learn about mining in an interesting and engaging way. Thanks to everyone at Geevor.

Guest Post: Ben Vidler

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One of our lovely student placements!

My name is Ben and I am a first year history student at Exeter University. Through the public history module, I came to choose Geevor as the preferred site at which to work. Background research had identified Geevor as one of the last mines to close, surviving into the 1990s. When working at Geevor, I was assigned to the Hard Rock Museum, where I was asked to analyse the audio-visual elements around the exhibits, and evaluate how they aided in the conveying of information to the public. The most engaging and informative audio-visual aspects were very successful in passing on knowledge, and these were; The Lode Model, Big Bang to Lode animation, Stope Model and The Geevor Film. Through these audio-visual exhibits I gained an insight into the history of Geevor, the lives of miners that worked there and the processes that they carried out in the mining of tin ore. Overall, my visit was very informative and entertaining, and was aided well by the staff, especially Nick Thomas.

Student placements at Geevor

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geevor-09_03_13-042For the past 3 weeks we have had the pleasure of working with some students from the University of Exeter. The module in public history, taken by Single Honours students in their first year, explores the presentation of history in, for example, museums and heritage sites, and on film and television. A twenty-hour work placement in February/March is an integral part of the module… We were lucky enough to have 6 intrepid Geevorites working on 3 different projects.  We want to thank them all so much for all their hard work!

At the end of the project we forced them to do a presentation and even write a guest blog post.  They will probably be mortified that I am letting the world see their work, but I’m going to do it anyway… not because I’m evil, but because they are really good!

Ben and Melissa’s presentation

Adam and Dan’s presentation

Ellie and Abbie’s presentaion

Again a big thank you to Adam, Dan, Ellie, Abbie, Ben and Melissa!

Hard Rock Museum opens with a Big Bang

Posted in Hard Rock Museum on October 13, 2008 by geevor

Hundreds of visitors gathered at the entrance to the new Hard Rock museum to see 100 year old Winnie Sevier cut the ribbon and declare the new interactive museum officially open.  That was then followed by Brian Armstrong, who had overseen the project, depressing a detonator and initiating a very loud, firework display.

The museum itself offers plenty to do for every member of the family.  Tin production is explained with lots of interactive gadgets and there is even a re-created stope to provide visitors with a feel for what life underground is like.  Thanks to Cyril Honey, the mine’s Oral History Officer, there is also an opportunity to hear stories about the mine from the miners and other people connected with it in a special audio pod.

Entrance to the Hard Rock Museum is included in the entry price to the Geevor Tin Mine attraction, which costs £8.50 for adults, £7.50 for concessions, £4.50 for children and students and £25 for a family ticket.

The attraction is open every day, except Saturday, from 9am to 5pm until the end of October with underground tours taking place hourly from 10am to 4pm.