Geevor: Then & Now


Geevor’s newly opened ‘Then and Now’ exhibition is a photographic journey in time chronicling – side by side – images of the mine’s buildings as they were and as they are now.

From images of the sea turned red by traces of iron when the mine was in full production to Gala Day in the 1970s, the photographs clearly show the importance of the mine to the Pendeen community past and present.

Geevor has changed considerably over the years and today consists of over 40 site buildings. Some date back as far as the 1850s whilst others were added as late as the 1980s.

Looking carefully through the attraction’s extensive photographic archives, curators have chosen 25 images to feature in the exhibition. Each image was carefully researched and a 2009 photograph taken in the same spot to display next to its historic twin. In some cases very little has changed, in others the buildings are hardly recognisable.

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  1. […] at home in the evenings and day off) to research and write the captions for our new exhibition, Geevor Then & Now. This exhibition is photographs of Geevor from the 1920s through to the 1980s together with their […]

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