Adult Reviews

Rebecca Watkins the class teacher:

“I would recommend the museum here at Geevor. There are lots of hands on Activities in the displays for the children to do and look at. There is lots of information about mining here at Geevor and throughout Cornwall, both past and present.

The staff are well organised and very informative. Ask for their education pack as it has lots of details about the different types of workshops/activities they run.

The displays are very educational and are suitable for all levels or ability. Our children learnt a lot in a short time and had fun whilst doing so.”

Linda McLean the teaching assistant:

“It was really nice not to have to say to the children “don’t touch”. They were allowed to wander freely which was great.

I came with the original group of children 2 years ago when the museum was being designed. It was great to see some of the designs the children wanted. I would recommend that they (other teachers/TAs come for a visit).

I was quite choked to see pictures of local people that I know that worked here, many of which are not around anymore. It was a nice touch to have people in the photos named.”

Jeanette Trembath the teaching assistant:

” I was interested in the photographs, as I am local and looked for people I knew.

The children loved all the hands on things to do.”

Lesley Hicks the learning support assistant:

” I think the museum was very interesting. As an Essex Girl I felt there was lots of information. Loved the mineral gallery! Anything that sparkles!”

Lisa Farnham the teaching assistant:

“There are many interactive displays to keep the children occupied. It‘s nice not having to say don’t touch which is usual practice with school groups.

The girls enjoyed dressing up as Bal maidens.”

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