What did the students think?

“Geevor is great!!!

because of all those crystals and the stamps and the ball separator.”

“Come to Geevor it’s packed”


“Come to Geevor because it’s a mine. Geevor tin mine is great.”

“It’s fascinating and fun. It is the best!”

Exiting, fun, cool!

“Lots to do for all kinds of people…disabled, exited, bored, even all the family.”

“Smell stuff, touch stuff, listen to stuff, look at stuff ..all them to do. Fun!”

Go to the Museum.

Have lunch.

Go underground.


“Geevor was fantastic before the museum now they built the museum it’s amazing.”

“It’s brilliant, they have loads of minerals and other things.”

“It rocks!”

“It’s great and they have a new museum with lots of hands-on things to do. “

“The lode model is so cool and brilliant, so come to I really like it. Come to Geevor!”

“I love it! The new museum is amazing. Come too!”

“Come to Geevor because they have a great new museum you can play dress up, stamp, go on a touch computer and you can find the cats on the circles and turn it around and read the writing. It’s a great place.”

“Come to Geevor, its great.”

“Come to Geevor and smell the mill and underground explosions.”

“The load (lode) model is the best so come to Geevor and play on it.

“Come to Geevor and smell the cheesy smell E.g. the mill and underground. Make sure you come or I’ll be on to you I promise!  “

Kibble- “very interesting”

(The amethyst is) “Absolutely lovely”

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