Wildlife on the Edge

biodiv-poster-peters-posh-versionExplore the environment at Geevor and Levant with our NEW nature trail, leaflet and Explorers backpacks. Discover the wealth of plant, insect and animal life at Geevor and Levant coastal mine sites.

The trail follows the stunning path along the North coast around Pendeen, with sheer cliff drops and unparalleled views over the Atlantic Ocean on one side and open countryside dotted with iconic old mining chimneys on the other.

Because of sea spray and the naturally-occurring heavy metals in the soil, the land should be barren and desolate but instead it is inhabited by a unique selection of flora and fauna that have adapted to live in these hostile conditions.

From Easter onwards those wishing to follow the trail, which is suitable for all ages, are invited to pick up a leaflet from either Geevor or Levant mines.  50p per leaflet.  An activity backpack which accompanies the trail is also available to borrow from Geevor or Levant for families with young explorers!

Suitable for all ages. No booking required. Available from both Geevor and Levant Receptions.

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